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"I've never in my life been in a relationship like this! This is my dream relationship with my dream man. He loves and adores me and shows me every single day"




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"Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Gio and her team. I met my prince and am sure it was because of the inner work we did and opening my eyes to what a real masculine man looked like. I am very much in love and I hope this inspires all my new friends in this group to keep going."





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"I just want to express my happy, grateful and thankful feelings for this wonderful institute and the wonderful Gio, Carrie and all mentors for coming into my life when you did."







Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 4.30.13 PM.png

"I threw myself wholeheartedly into Giordana Toccaceli's teaching, reading and learning everything I could. I absorbed, implemented and allowed them to change me from the inside out. I changed. The relationship changed. He changed. We changed. We healed. We grew. Two years later, I cannot thank you enough, Gio."





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"My fiance is so sweet! Ladies, I can't stop saying fiance!!! I am going to be a wifey! So happy! It's amazing how feminine energy is so powerful!" 




Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 4.30.21 PM.png

"I JUST GOT ENGAGED!!!!! While I was single I read whateveer I could get my hands on (about relationships) but it wasn't until I found you that everything started clicking and I finally understood my own Feminine Energy and how to love a man, and then it happened so quickly."




Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 4.30.28 PM.png

"He sent me flowers in my favourite color! Then he took me to dinner and got tickets to my favourite show. He told me he had fallen in love with me and asked me to be his forever! We are now exclusive and I couldn't be more thrilled! It was the most magical night! I am so happy! Gio you are the best!" 





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"I am marrying my Soulmate! I am literally living my dream life, the life I always knew I could have. Every area of my life is so much better! I want to THANK YOU Giordana Toccaceli and Embodied Feminine Woman Institute Team for being the reason I have everything I ever wanted. This work helped me heal all the hurts and wounded parts of me and got me crystal clear on the kind of a man I wanted to attract... and he showed up quickly after! Our relationship is the happiest and easiest I have ever been in and this was the easiest "yes"of my life." 





text line 052218 641pm.png

"So grateful for this Institute and the amazing ladies in the community!! A beautiful hike and soulful conversation was just what the doctor ordered today!" 






"They say you reap what you sow, and Giordana Toccaceli you are the master gardener because you have planted the most beautiful garden. I fall in love with all your EFW ladies everyday. I'm so grateful for this technology and for you and your desire to help women be the best woman can be Gio, to bring ladies from around the world under one "roof". I feel really blessed to be part of this garden, learning from and admiring you all". 






"Finally got a chance to meet, and get to know some very wonderful and sweet EFW women in Austin! Thank you so much Carrie for putting us in touch with another, and for Giordana Toccaceli for creating this wonderfully supportive space. I feel so grateful to have met some local EFW sisters, and to be able to connect in a very special way."






"Be prepared to experience endless AHA moments, a journey of massive growth and support, and the awakening of your powerful feminine bad**s goddess that is radiating from within you! Amazing program and coaches, you made the right choice - have helped me so much."





Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 10.14.51 PM.png

“For so long, I craved a connected, fulfilling relationship with a high value man. I wanted to get married and be a mom. WHERE WAS HE???? I honestly doubted if he even existed or lived on planet earth. The men I was attracting either didn't stick around or were the kind of guys you wished you hadn't wasted shaving your legs or putting make up on for. UGH!!!! As I started to do inner healing work as we teach in our year-long Embodied Feminine Woman Institute, which opens January 21st, ladies!!- I discovered I had so much grief, pain, and shame to let go of from a challenging, abusive childhood. These emotions that had been frozen inside of me had unconsciously shut me down and kept me from being feminine and vulnerable on my journey to love. It just didn't feel safe. As I started doing the profoundly transformational work of healing my relationship to my mother, I started to feel FREE! At the same time, I was using the feminine, powerful language to connect with my husband on our first ever dates- the same way it is taught in Gio's module on "Irresistible communication with Men” as part of the Institute!

The combination of doing the inner work and using the skills taught in the Embodied Feminine Woman Institute teaches ladies to master the art of dating and it proves to be MAGIC!!!!!! I am living proof THIS WORKS! As soon as I started my journey of inner work as is taught in the Institute, as well as using feminine language, my man quickly stepped up to claim me. From the beginning he just couldn't get enough of me! He planned dates to my favorite live music events, started booking weekly time with me well in advance, told me how happy he was with me, surprised me with fun adventures, weekend getaways and gifts, knows just how to make me laugh (and does! Daily!) and always says how grateful he is for how we can PLAY together. And ladies… We are now married! Meet my handsome husband, Dale, and our ridiculously adorable son, Duke! And this treatment hasn't stopped. He's still just as devoted to making me happy and being around me than he was on those first few dates. It just keeps getting better, more connected and fun with our life together. I am forever grateful EFW year 2 is making this experience available to more ladies and grateful beyond belief to get to be a part of and serve this community and help it happen for other women. Ladies, make sure you sign up for year two of the Embodied Feminine Woman Institute- you won't want to miss all the amazing classes coming out this year, along with the powerful ones like those I have shared here, so you can make this the year of love in your life.”


“Hi ladies, I’m about to make a bold statement, but its 100% true.


Really ladies, no joke. 
Before the Institute, which is opening its doors this week!- I was always very much into personal development, and was always searching for something, that "a ha!" that would provide me peace once and for all, that would help me understand why I reacted in the ways I did - and I found that in the Institute.

I’m not going to sugarcoat anything for you ladies, I’m always 100% real with you about my journey. It was hard work! The Institute is ridiculously incredible, but the inner work is beyond anything I have ever experienced. I did not realize I was holding onto so much from my past, and it was during that year that everything came up for me, and I finally began to understand my own wounding and patterns. I had a LOT of resistance to the work, because I'd been living in denial for so long. It is a journey and a process. Your old self wants to hold on and keep you comfortable, even if it means stuck in patterns that sabotage love for you. I remember a time when I didn't understand why Gio was making us do the inner work, and I now work for her and words cannot describe how much I love and admire her, so don’t get me wrong here. I KEPT AT IT, and oh I am SO glad I did. My world right now is so beautiful, because I feel at peace and ease.

Things shifted very much so within me that I am now a part of this incredible company and becoming a leader invested in helping you ladies find the love and heal from wounding with this amazing company.

My beliefs about myself and what I can create are incredibly intact.

My relationship has drastically improved. Let me tell you about my guy. He’s a lawyer, he’s successful and he’s never wanted marriage, yet alone a committed relationship. We were hot and cold and he was non-committal for years!! He never wanted to do anything that sent the message of “Commitment” - so no vacations, even meeting his friends took 2 years!! Yes, ladies, I've been there - I get it. I don’t have the early attachment, and it was about 8 months of us dating that I started the low value behaviours, and boy do I wish I had met Gio then. Fast forward to now, he on his own has booked vacations for us, he’s introduced me to all his family (we are of different faiths) and I feel more integrated into his life. We are now in a committed relationship. And, best of all- is that I’m grounded, and I know what i desire for my life, and I have my own timeline. I CANNOT WAIT FOR YEAR 2!! The journey continues for me, and i look forward to growing even more in this next year! I hope you girls join me in the Institute.”


“When I found Gio, my relationship was in a tough spot. Then when I found Gio's group and started working for her, I was taught so much about her methodologies, feminine and masculine dynamics and high value communication. I slowly started applying everything into practice in my life and soon after that, I started seeing and feeling the results. This brought a massive progress for my love life. However, I still had some inner work to do and healing to process from my past. That’s when the Embodied Feminine Woman Institute launched for the first time. I was SO EXCITED about the year full of support from Gio and the mentors of the program, and it turned out even more amazing than it sounded! The program is just as great for single women as it is for women in relationships or marriages. One of my favourite the masterclasses series' is the one on “7 Qualities of Irresistible Women". I didn’t know them before, I was clueless about the feminine energy I had!! We all have this feminine magnetism in us, it’s up to us to make it work!!! And men can really tell if you are in your feminine energy. My boyfriend noticed the change instantly and he started showing up for me more and more, and I learned to receive it all… he started buying me flowers more often, spending more time with me, always wanting to be around me. He kept asking me what happened with me, why my energy is so light and happy, he felt the positive shift and it drew him to me. I could feel him step up more in his masculine energy. It felt SOOO GOOD!!!

And ladies, in the past I would have had difficulty receiving all this affection, but instead I received and received gracefully! Even in our intimate time together, I was able to receive from him in the most feminine way. This was such a massive thing in my relationship and our sexual connection became so much more satisfying! I just made sure to focus on staying in my feminine energy and receive while leaning back as well. He got me beautiful jewellery and made me feel like a princess! ❤ and the best from all of it - is just that he gives me the gift of his masculine presence and that's the most amazing gift for me! We both share a love for dogs and we always dreamed of having a dog together and last year he talked with my sister who knew someone who had puppies which were going to be thrown on the street as they weren't a pure breed and he organized things with my sister to get this cutie pie puppy from the capital (3 hours away from where I live) and save this puppy! Now he s 10 months big dog and we love him, it keeps us so happy and connected! This is our first photo with him, it's so precious to me and I decided to share it with you! ❤

So ladies, when you have a full amazing life, you aren’t feeling needy for your man’s attention or love, you aren’t clingy because you have so much more going on in your rich life, he is drawn to chase you, even when you’re committed. This is what the Institute taught me. Let me name just a few more modules which helped me tremendously, two of the biggest ones for me were – "Healing the Father Wound Module" and the "Healing from Heartbreak and Breakups Module". Many of us have a lot to heal from our families and in our relationships with our parents, especially if we have grown up without one of them, and this is the foundation of all of our relationships. When you heal this, you start processing everything so much easier, because the pain from your past has been processed in these modules.. I cannot urge you more to join the Institute even if for only this healing alone.

If you want to learn how to receive from your boyfriend (or men in general) like a real goddess, how to be fully yourself with a man, or how to lean back even in a long term relationship (it wasn’t easy for me at first but I think I've mastered it now!!)- you will be supported through all of this by the mentors of the group, Gio and the coaches. I'm forever grateful for what I've learnt there and I can tell you this is the most fantastic investment in yourself because it’s an investment in your whole life and future! All areas of your life and mostly, you'll find the results helping you so much in your love life! I was so excited for all the ladies who got engaged and married during the first year of the Institute, for all the incredible results I've had from the program in my relationship and I'm looking forward for the next year so impatiently!!!! It’s a whole new level of self love, magnetism, healing and feminine energy!! Don’t hesitate to make the step towards this program as it launches for its 2nd year, it’s a guaranteed growth and success for your love life!”

“Hi beauties!

‘I’m an attractive successful woman!’ I would think to myself crossly, pre-EFW Institute. ‘I can GET dates! I can GET a man to commit to a relationship! I shouldn’t need to hire anybody to teach me about these things. If it’s the right man, everything should just fall into place. If it’s the right time, everything will just work itself out.’

Have you ever had thoughts like these?

It's one thing to understand intellectually that self-love and feminine energy are the keys to the kingdom when it comes to men and relationships, it's another to actually do the work and truly embody them.

A couple of months after joining this community I was intuitively drawn to the Institute BUT — like most positive changes I’ve ever made I had a significant amount of resistance and internal pushback to work through before I was ready to receive the transformational knowledge given to me by Gio and the mentors at EFW.

The reality was that behind an outward veneer of confidence…

🖤 I felt deeply unworthy of receiving the kind of love I dreamed about
🖤 I felt disconnected from my heart and my authentic essence as a woman (who I am apart from the layers of wounding and pain that made up my story)
🖤 I didn’t know how to meet my own needs at a high level or how to anchor myself in a life that set me up to thrive
🖤 I had no idea what ‘inner work’ actually involved or how to do it

And on top of that I was still…

💔 Dating like a teenager, becoming exclusive at lightening speed before even knowing the person I was committing myself to
💔 Choosing men based on chemistry and trying to negotiate alignment and compatibility later (it worked in exactly 0/5 cases)
💔 Operating from a place of fear and scarcity, remaining stuck on men I knew were no good for me for months or years at a time

I met my man playing social soccer and although the spark was instant it was definitely a slow burn for us. We were friends for two months and then dated for three before becoming exclusive. The old me would have completely flipped out by this timeline, felt incredibly fearful and insecure and then proceeded to get reactive. And I probably would've traded in our connection for the type of man I was used to dating: always texting me, co-dependent, with a blurry vision of what he wanted to achieve in life and a tendency to look towards me to make decisions. In short, the kind of man that didn't aggravate my insecurities but also didn't embody the masculine energy I longed to experience.

The Institute taught me to love on myself in a way that's profoundly impacted every part of my life and to date like a high-value goddess with feminine boundaries, a myriad of options and a full and thriving life. It also taught me about men's timelines, manfunneling, how to avoid early attachment, how to deal with sex whilst dating and how to show up as my most magnetic, high-value self and communicate in a way that led to deep attraction and heart-connection.

The results spoke for themselves because I've never had a man step up for me like this -- weekend trips to the coast, a ten day getaway in Bali at a luxe resort to celebrate our 1 year anniversary, flowers just because, a baby blue vintage bike that turned up on my doorstep one morning, helping me move house without me even having to ask, surprise ballet or theatre tickets every so often, I could go on and on.

EFW was honestly the best gift I’ve ever given myself. You do not want to miss this ladies! xo”


“Ladies I am so excited that the Embodied Feminine Woman Institute is opening again for Year 2! I actually met my man shortly after the Institute first opened it's doors. I used to date men as a way to feel good about myself. You could say relationships were my drug of choice - I attached to men before I even met them, meticulously overthought all my messages and made myself who I thought they'd think was the most perfect person. I had no idea about what is taught in the Institute- "How to be Yourself With A Man", "Irresistible Communication" (ways to draw them close in fewer words, with a LOT less effort) and live coaching to visualize your feminine, authentic self and embody her! I can't tell you how freeing it feels to just be myself in the presence of men, no matter how threatening, handsome, high value or high powered in the workplace they are.... I'm just simply at ease, and I can shift the entire energy of our conversation with a warm smile and a few words.. it feels great to be a safe space for men, and most of all to feel so safe in myself. That I am finally worthy, with or without a man- and I have a hero by my side.

Though I used to be very good at playing the game to WIN men over, I never knew how to KEEP them. That was the issue.. most of my relationships ended in around 3 months- they were ripe with cheating, insecurity and drama, and were exhausting. Only until I started implementing the Institute's live coaching calls with Gio which were the biggest helper for me of ALL- Did I truly transform.

Men started flocking to me like magnets.. and even still, will come up to me in bars, at parties, at movie theaters, on the sidewalk, after a yoga class, in the supermarket, to say: "So I can't explain it.. but I saw you and just had to come over and say hi..." or some variation in man-talk of how mystified a man is when he senses feminine energy. It's actually something you have to prepare yourself for a bit, ladies, when you join the Institute it's going to be the new normal- and I used to think "yeah, yeah, not going to happen..." and now it's normal for even-like the other day- men to come up to me while I'm in sweatpants walking my dog and picking up after him on the sidewalk- a handsome man will stop to chat with me, help me out, and say hello... And I am glad to let them!!

So ladies when I met my man, I seriously thought that no high value men would ever be interested in me and that I would have to keep performing and pining for these guys that would never give me the time of day... nothing could be further from the truth. It is all in your energy. And it's a shift that Gio and the coaches at the Institute have mastered to a precise degree, so if you work it, if you commit to it, implement and do the work, it will happen. It was the most joyful and scary day when I entered into deep commitment with my man, and this Christmas he gave me a gorgeous ring to signal his love for me! I smiled warmly and received it.. I couldn't urge you more to join ladies, I can't wait to have a whole new gang of Goddesses join us and see their whole lives transformed into something greater than they can even imagine.”


“Ladies I am so excited that the Embodied Feminine Woman Institute is opening again for Year 2! I used to date men as a way to feel good about myself. You could say relationships were my drug of choice and I tried to be SO presentable and perfect in order to be loved. It was suffocating and on top of that, I was always trying to save my man! And now- I have a hero!

I can't tell you how freeing it feels to just be myself in the presence of men, no matter how threatening, handsome, high value or high powered in the workplace they are.... I'm just simply at ease, and I can shift the entire energy of our conversation with a warm smile and a few words.. it feels great to be a safe space for men, and most of all to feel so safe in myself. That I am finally worthy, with or without a man- and I have a hero by my side, and can make friends with men wherever I go.

After the Institute, men started flocking to me like magnets.. and even still, will come up to me in bars, at parties, at movie theaters, on the sidewalk, after a yoga class, in the supermarket, to say: "So I can't explain it.. but I saw you and just had to come over and say hi..." or some variation in man-talk of how mystified a man is when he senses feminine energy. It's actually something you have to prepare yourself for a bit, ladies, when you join the Institute it's going to be the new normal- and I used to think "yeah, yeah, not going to happen..." and now it's normal for even-like the other day- men to come up to me while I'm in sweatpants walking my dog and picking up after him on the sidewalk- a handsome man will stop to chat with me, help me out, and say hello... And I am glad to let them!! Or last night at dinner with a friend, our waiter at dinner stayed and chatted so long he got in trouble with the big boss - he even delivered us free food & samples all night. These things happen all the time as they will for you too once you start to understand men & how to be yourself with them!

So ladies when I met my man, I seriously thought that no high value men would ever be interested in me and that I would have to keep performing and pining for these guys that would never give me the time of day... nothing could be further from the truth. It is all in your energy. And it's a shift that Gio and the coaches at the Institute have mastered to a precise degree, so if you work it, if you commit to it, implement and do the work, it will happen. It was the most joyful and scary day when I entered into deep commitment with my man, and he has made my life the most joyful experience- and the best part? He's been icing on the cake! My life was full before I even met him- & everything he added just brightens it up- like the cute animal photos he sends me, the flowers, the fire place he makes all cozy for me when we have nights in, or the dinner he just cooked.. He loves to make me happy & I love to receive it. Mentor Valarie of the Insitute today said it perfectly... Remind yourself you GET to be the girl! You don't have to make it happen, you just get to BE! And that, for me, is game changing.

I couldn't urge you more to join ladies, I can't wait to have a whole new gang of Goddesses join us and see their whole lives transformed into something greater than they can even imagine.”


“Discovering the soft, juicy feminine being that was lurking inside of me was so life-changing for me. Before that I was so tired, exhausted really, from thinking & working so much. I was in that mode of insanity where you keep doing the same thing over & over again, yet expect different results. It was crazy. I was not happy in my romantic life. Someone actually told me at one point that I was a “loser magnet.” Um, ouch.

I didn’t have any idea what healthy masculine energy looked like, so naturally, I didn’t know how to attract it into my life.

My boundaries were a mess. I didn’t know how to communicate or connect with a man. The hot ticket item for me was the unavailable guy. I could just swoon over him from afar. If he came close, I would be charming & fun until he might actually look available then I would dissolve into a hot mess. The nice guys who pursued me didn’t trigger any attraction in me. I was told over & over again that I would just have to settle. I was in despair. I had no idea why I just couldn’t get it right. I felt very isolated & alone, like I was somehow a failure as a woman & no one really understood me.

After uncovering that I was disconnected from my feminine energy, it was like this magical light turned on & illuminated me from the inside out. My heart & I became best friends & I learned to love myself in a way I didn’t even know existed. Ladies, when this light goes on inside of you, it feels like heaven. You have clarity. The fog lifts & you see & feel things in a whole new way. You radiate confidence & strength, but in an open, feminine way that draws men to you like bees to sweet honey.

Even now, I notice when I’ve been in “go mode” – scurrying around, getting things done, up in my head – I miss out on a lot. I miss connections. I miss opportunities. I miss – me.

I notice this really quickly though & get right back into my heart. I open up & illuminate again. All those “missed” things come scurrying back. My man is drawn to me. My cat wraps himself around me & purrs. Actually, my man does that too! Strangers smile & approach, strike up conversations. Most importantly, I feel my heart & I’m able to follow it to wherever my happiness lies.

I am so amazed by how my man shows up for me. I only ever dreamed of this before. Now it’s real. And it’s all the time. He is always looking for ways to make my life easier without me having to ask. Last weekend I was so bummed because I wanted to take my classic Mustang for a drive, but it wouldn’t start. The very next day I was out & about when I got a text from him saying, “Blue Thunder is up & running.” He made sure I didn’t have to worry about it or even lift a finger to call someone to get it working again. It was also washed & vacuumed so it was all pretty & cozy for me.😋

When he found out I never went on an Easter egg hunt as a kid, he set one up that led me all through the house & out into my garden, finding little treats along the way & ending with a basket that he put together himself with all my favorite self-pampering items.

The best part is just knowing that I can say anything at all, be as silly as I want to be, make the worst puns, cry at nothing, walk into walls, go without makeup…and he only loves & accepts me more. He tells me every day that I’m beautiful & sexy & sweet & adorable and he’s so drawn to me. He’s my biggest fan, always saying how proud he is of me & how amazing I am. He says he is awed by how much fun we have together & how deep our connection is.

I’m getting all teary & melty just typing this because it was really only a dream before for so long and now I feel so blessed to actually have it.

I wish the same for all of you beauties. You SO deserve it. 💖”


“Hi ladies!

Before joining this incredible community, I never really thought about the terms “masculine and feminine energy”, “leaning back” or “high value”. They may seem pretty self-explanatory (in theory) but to actually fully embody these practices and find that beautiful balance from within is a journey!! A soul journey of connecting to yourself better than ever before and having complete awareness to how you are showing up in not just you love life, but ALL relationships.

For me, this journey included a lot of healing from past heartbreaks to ensure I didn’t bring any of those insecurities or triggers into my now marriage. I don’t have enough fingers on my hands to count for the amount of times I’ve been cheated on and had my heart crushed. You can imagine how that catalyzed trust issues with men over the years. My confidence and self worth was below zero and it showed. I knew I deserved better but I wasn’t acting like it.

Looking back, I don’t even recognize that girl anymore! Once I learned to love myself and show up High Value, I started attracting men that matched my energy.

Today, I’m married to the most incredible man who has showed up for me from Day 1!! He claimed me quick and we were married in less than a year. Now we are living a beautiful adventurous life together in Europe! I would have missed out on my own epic love story tho if I didn’t do the inner work first and learn the fundamentals taught here in our Institute.

Just because I’m happily married, doesn’t mean the work stops there tho ;) Bringing awareness to my daily interactions with my Husband and building our attraction and connection is always going to be a priority of mine. Implementing Gio’s teachings has not only drawn shifts from within myself, but also in the ways my Hubby responds to me! It’s so fulfilling to see how he shows up for us in the most masculine ways. Mastering the art of leaning back and receiving makes me feel so Feminine! This may seem like a silly example to bring up, but he’s never let me pay for a meal since we met! Even now while we are married and the money is ours, it’s the simple act he does consistently that makes me feel so special and taken care of. He does thoughtful and romantic things for me all the time too - making me feel seen, heard, supported, and loved. Whether it’s planning a date night to a new restaurant, sending me beautiful red roses when we are apart, or leaving a sweet loving note on my desk, he does these things effortlessly. If I mention something I’d like to do together, without fail, he always makes it happen. A man of substance and follow thru - I know I can always depend on him. He is my best friend/confidant and I am his <3

You all deserve your own dream love story! I feel so lucky to wake up everyday living mine. Commit to yourself first and give yourself this gift. Take in the learning, feel the shifts, and start living your dream love story that lays ahead. You are so deserving and fully supported here! Our Institute Year 2 opens January 21st. Don’t miss your chance to get started! xo”


“When my son was born, which I knew I was going to be doing solo, I decided to take a lot of time to focus on myself and my new baby. I knew I wanted to focus on healing myself before I could meet someone and take on a new relationship. And that’s the thing- relationships used to be so much work. Such a struggle, always requiring so much effort, and with raising a beautiful son single-handedly, it just felt like too much… how would I have time to date? What would he think of everything going on for me and my super busy lifestyle? And this is where all of Gio’s teachings came in- teachings that are now available to YOU as part of the Embodied Feminine Woman Institute. She taught me, truly- that I was worth so much more than running around after men, exerting a ton of effort in my relationships. That men didn’t have to be WORK. She taught me things could be easy, effortless- that I deserved to be pursued by a man and treated like a Queen, and I didn’t have to DO anything to deserve that.

When I met my man, everything was different from day one. I knew I could have boundaries (which to be honest, the man who became my partner just loved), prioritize the things in my life that were most important to me, and he could add to my life. I could say ‘no’ to guys that felt like a lot of work- and that filtered out some men until I met my man- my first relationship in ages- who just stepped up to claim me from day one. Seriously- he is wonderful and my son loves him.

He makes me feel so cared for and like I can just relax into a fun time with him, and not worry about anything. He also cooks me delicious dinner when I’m swamped with work! I am just so happy!! I want the same for you, ladies- whether you’re feeling like relationships are just a ton of work or that it might be too hard to date as a single mum- those things couldn’t be further from the truth! Definitely sign up for the Institute it’s possible for you too!! ❤”


“I just want to take a minute to share my excitement for YEAR 2 of the Embodied Feminine Institute.

Year 1 of the institute was so profoundly life changing for me that I can’t wait to see where year 2 will take me!!

My relationship with my man of almost 8 years has seriously never been better and my heart fills with warmth when I think of him and

of what we have together. And I have to give A LOT of credit to the EFW Institute and everything I learned from Gio and the other amazing coaches.

Before the institute my relationship already had a good foundation but I could feel really strongly that I had a lot of old wounds to heal and that it was affecting my relationship in ways that I didn't feel good about. I knew that most of the issues we had, centred around my insecurities and lack of self-worth. And that I would have to work on the relationship with myself if I wanted our relationship to go from good to AMAZING.

Looking back, these are some of the ways that my unhealed wounds would show up in our relationship:

- My insecurities and feelings of unworthiness would come up on a daily basis and would result in me looking to him to make me feel better, because I did not know how to do that for myself. He was always lovingly there for me, supporting me, but I could tell it was hard for him that I couldn't do that for myself.

- I was always trying to control how others saw me and tried to be perfect. The perfect girlfriend, the perfect friend, the perfect daughter etc. etc. And I truly believed that if I only tried hard enough to become that image of perfection , then everyone would love me and my life would be only sunshine and rainbows. But the only thing it brought me was the feeling of being completely exhausted. I felt tired all. the. time. Because I could never relax or fully let go. I was always alert and would be super aware of how I was portraying myself. And that often led to tension in our relationship. Because how could he relax if he could feel that I was super tense and wasn't being myself fully?

- I needed validation from him all the time because I didn't feel enough inside. If a day would go by that he didn't compliment me or didn't tell me how much he loved me or how much fun he was having with me, my monkey mind would start to worry and think something was wrong.

- My entire life revolved around him and I was always adjusting myself to his schedule to make sure that we could see each other. Which at one point meant he would see his friends a lot more often than I did.

- I was often the one who planned our dates and would spend a lot of time thinking about ways to make our dates as fun as possible because I was so afraid that he was going to lose interest and break up with me otherwise.

- When we had disagreements I would get really emotional and couldn't communicate well with him because I would take everything he said personally, even if it was not meant that way because I didn't understand the way the masculine and feminine are different.

Looking back on the way I felt about myself and how unsure I felt about being able to keep things fun for him so that he wouldn't break up with me, hurts my heart for my past self. And only deepens my gratitude that I found Gio's teachings and turned my relationship around COMPLETELY.

These are only SOME of the ways that my relationship has changed since the EFW Institute:

- I have learned how to relate to my emotions with love and understanding. How to give space to myself to feel instead of pushing my emotions away and away until they explode. This has been a game-changer for me in every part of my life.

- I have let go of trying to be perfect and am living my life more authentically with each day, and I have never felt more free. I don't even think about what I say or do with him because I feel secure enough in myself to know that i don't have to control anything and can just BE with him <3

- I have seriously become a pro at communicating (with the help of an amazing live class at the Institute about Irresistable Communication with Men!) with my man in a way that always brings us closer instead of pushing him away. We seriously never fight anymore. When something comes up we talk about it and really listen to each other until whatever came up resolves itself.

- I have learned what Feminine Presence is and my man and I have the strongest and deepest bond together now and I truly feel like he is both my best friend and my lover. I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have found this kind of love.

- We have the BEST time going on really fun dates together where I just lean back and go with the flow instead of trying to orchistrate and control the entire evening. And we are just enjoying each other, being in the moment and laugh until our bellies hurt. I absolutely love his humor and I know he adores my weird and quirky jokes as well haha. The way we laugh with each other so much is one of my favourite things about our relationship.

- He tells me everyday how much he loves me and adores me and is super affectionate. Even after having been together for almost 8 years now, he often tells me he couldn't wait to get home from work. ahhh that melts my heart every time.

- Ive learned how to lean back and receive from him in my feminine. He literally treats me like a QUEEN and is always looking for things to do for me now. Last week I was on my period and wasn't feeling well and he was soooo sweet taking care of me. He made sure I didn't have to lift a finger as soon as he came home, making sure to do the groceries, getting me chocolate and the specific painkillers that I like and then cooked dinner while I was taking a bath the drew me <3 <3

- It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and he went out of his way to make it perfect for me. He asked me beforehand to tell him exactly what I wanted to do on my birthday this year and made sure he made everything I had described happen and even added a few surprises here and there. It was the cutest thing and the best birthday I've ever had! He's the kind of man that when we are lying in bed on a Sunday and I mention without thinking that french toast would have made the perfect Sunday morning, gets dressed and goes to the grocery story to get everything we need to make french toast. And I could seriously GO ON AND ON about the way he makes me feel SO well-taken care of and so loved.

- I just feel soooo much more relaxed and at peace in our relationship because it feels really strong and stable to me. I don't take things personally very often anymore and feel like I'm not as easily put off-balanced as I was before. I know I can be myself around him and I know that the more I show up authentic, the more he loves it and that's an incredible feeling.

Seriously ladies, my relationship turned around completely and I feel incredibly grateful for that every day.

But it's more than that, I feel like I have really come home to myself. And it's not only when everything are going well that I implement what I learned at EFW, but also and especially when things aren't as sunny that I have the teachings to come back to and to support me. Knowing what the Institute did for my life, I seriously would wish that for every single one of you ladies as well. So please if you are contemplating whether or not to make the investment for yourself this year, DO IT and thank me later ;)”


“Guys I just am bursting to share this!!!! My man funnel is in full swing and healthy with HV men. ONE of them, well, wowza! He sticks out...Those flowers, the valentines day dinner for our 2nd date, bringing me gifts every other day and last night, he invited me to go on a ski trip... across the country, on an airplane and everything! His treat.... I said yes...of course! Omg so THIS is what it's like to be pursued, wooed, queened, cherished? MIND. BLOWN. Enjoying this so much! Sometimes I have trouble receiving it all. Such a good lesson in just allowing him to shower me. It gives him such pleasure, I can tell! So happy I'm experiencing this!!! I'm also (seriously surprising) NOT early attaching. I don't pine, I don't think obsessively about him. I'm healthily seeing other men and spending alone time... I feel secure that I'm waiting to get to know him, not just being swept away... this feeling is so different. GIO!!!!! This work is magic. I love you so much.”

“Hello beautiful Gio, mentors and ladies! Today is my last day with EFW (February 19th). This is so bittersweet for me. First off, I want to send my sincerest thanks and love to Gio. For your wisdom and willingness to share it with me. This has truly been life altering and I will never be the same person I was prior to the institute and for that, I am forever grateful. And to the mentors thank you for your quick responses, love and guidance always answering questions and making this a safe space for all. Thank you Gergana for always being there for me and my questions! To every single woman in this group- keep going! Listen to the knowledge, apply it, learn from your mistakes and you will come out on top! While I was not one to post a lot, I was reading and encouraged every single day by all of your beautiful spirits, questions and answers. And with your questions, I had a lot of my own answered as well. I was taking it all in. This is a wonderful community of women, for women. I am blessed to have been a part of it for such a short time! This information is invaluable. After breaking up from my ex that I dated for over 8 years, I had been single for over a decade with nothing too substantial as far as relationships go. In retrospect, !see how I was in my masculine much of this time. Three months to the day from signing up for the institute I met a wonderful high value man. He was added to my Manfunnel and I continued dating others in my funnel as well. But he stood out amongst the rest by far! After three months of dating and constantly asking me for my time he asked for exclusivity. That was last May. Nine months later, we are going as strong as ever and this has been the easiest relationship I have ever had. Seriously! He even took me to Ireland for my birthday! He has not officially proposed... yet... but I know that he has asked my Dad for permission when we went home to visit a couple weeks ago, and we just bought a house together. We sign on it in a few weeks!! We have talked about marriage and our future in full detail and I know that he is planning the proposal. (He is not subtle at surprises haha). I am absoultely over the moon about him. He is exactly the man of my dreams, the one that I prayed for since I was a little girl. The King to My Queen. I can not imagine my life with anyone else. I am just so happy! Thank you all for making this a wonderful, life altering experience for me. I wish you all the best!! Much love!”


Another day, another EFW (Embodied Feminine Woman Institute) beauty goes from Single to Dream Engagement!

Her Photo Below!

Woohoo! EFW 2019 Year of Love!

"So this just happened... ♥️♥️♥️💍💍
Update to tell the story...
I joined EFW last November as my then relationship was not what I needed. I immersed myself here at EFW and in codependency healing along with aligning with a better life. I had a new job I still absolutely love and was in a path of self love I felt I was sacrificing with the man I was with. When we split, I was angry at him and me as I totally chose to not listen to red flags. Consciously made choices against myself. It took me all of two days to pick myself up and I made a promise to take care of me.
I met E on bumble and remembered thinking at our first date how relaxed I was! He commented on how feminine I am and how open and I also followed guidelines for texting, letting him plan, having fun and being in the moment and things literally just fell into place for us. He is a hopeless romantic so I’ve gotten flowers every week, couples massages, homemade meals, and a trip to Napa for my birthday. I would pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.
Last night he came over and presented me with a memory box he had kept. Adorable memories from dates and inside jokes we have. Even ticket stubs for our first movie together and room key from our trip. At the bottom was a velvet bag and as I grabbed it he went on one knee and asked me if I would do him the honor of being his wife and making him the happiest man in the world. I was crying of course and screaming and of course I said yes! We called our mom’s who both cried happy tears and said they knew it! His dad said ‘it’s about damn time’. I couldn’t wait to tell this group as it has been an incredible source of strength and motivation and love.
Thank you all so much! I’m not done here yet and I will be practicing these tools forever with my love ♥️♥️"


"Thank you forever Gio and team! I’m engaged to the love of my life! This beautiful non-commital man and I had been dating on & off for 2 years. He constantly blew hot and cold, never pursued or took the lead and told me pointblank he had “sworn off marriage.” I knew in my heart our connection was special and decided to work on me and see what would happen. Well, he started to pursue me hard within 3 months at EFW [Embodied Feminine Woman Insitute]!!! He kept telling me there was something so different about me and he couldn’t get enough! The more I did this life changing progam’s inner work and listened to the teachings the more he would magically open up and fall for me! Within weeks we became exclusive and he seemed like another man! Wow! Now looking back this relationship has been the happiest of my life. We never fight or argue and our love just flows beautifully between us. When things do come up we work through them (learning about feminine communication and doing the heart work here were HUGE.) Nine months later he started hinting at a proposal and then went and asked my dad for permission to marry me! That is something I had always dreamed of my future husband doing. He proposed in a simple, perfect way that was so "us" in every way. I feel adored every day by a man that treats me like a queen. He never wavers and his steady love brings tears to my eyes. My man is my rock, my best friend and my home. The EFW institute is magical and I have grown more than I could have ever imagined. It has been the most incredible gift to myself. I remember back when I was hesitating thinking it was a big investment now I would have paid ten times more. The price is NOTHING compared to the changes you see in your life and what you get in teachings and results! I only wish I had done it sooner!"


"I'm over the moon, it's been a whirlwind. I didn't expect the proposal! He asked me if I wanted a snack, I was staring at the beautiful view and turned around to find him on one knee! He is my favorite person in the world! I have the best relationship coach, Gio!"


"Hello, ladies! Sisters!! He cooked me dinner and I surprised him with a couple framed copies of my photo shoot images. Saturday, he took me on a heartwarming series of Art-related activities, including painting my pups! He discussed marriage again this weekend (he started it) and he shared that he has already started shopping for rings but wants to wait and involve my daughter in the selection. 😍😭. I literally cried tears of joy. This is the healthiest, most adult, giving, balanced, abundant relationship I’ve ever experienced & I would never have been ready without the inner work at EFW. I am able to express my needs, desires, and dreams. I am able to experience astounding intimacy (the sex is off the charts, too). I consistently check in here any time I need support and reminders of operating in my feminine energy. I mean ... I don’t just want to get into a relationship, I want it to stay this amazing forever!! I have reflected on how these conversations would have gone in my past and am so pleased with my ability to drop into my heart, be truly vulnerable, ask for what I need, receive from him, respect him, play with him, and embody femininity in my relationship with him. I’m not ‘trying’ to be feminine... it’s just happening (after listening to modules over and over). I am grateful for the tools and support of this sisterhood, the mentors and Gio! This program is the real deal, ladies! The relationship I dreamed of when I made that initial investment in myself is now my reality. It’s new, we will face challenges, but now I know we will be facing them together. I will make sure and share engagement photos with the team along the way! Much love & gratitude!!"


This is my last week in EFW and I felt like sharing my journey with you.
When I joined EFW, I had never experienced real love. I was married to a man who was more like a best friend to me, we had no passion - at least not on my side. Before (and after) my ex I have always felt very drawn to unavailable men. I was the fixer. The masculine doer. The people pleaser and a doormat. After my divorce, I knew I needed to learn how to love myself. I just had no idea where to start and how to actually DO that. Being raised by alcoholic parents I was used to bypass my own needs and feelings, I was always there to help others. Being forced to act like a family therapist and mediator.
I dated men with no sense of self respect. I was used to chasing and accepting crumbs. My father was a broken man, so I continued to heal him in the form of other men.
But then, when I joined EFW the course of my life started to change, slowly but surely I learned new skills how to connect to myself, listen and honor my emotions, create healthy boundaries and respect them - and by doing that I started to understand what it meant and how it felt to love oneself. I became my own best friend and a supporting parent I never had.
I also learned how to understand men, how to spot HV traits and how to communicate with them. I learned how to take them off the pedestal and connect with them on a real level.
Most important lesson for me was to learn about masculine - feminine polarity. I understood how to connect with my authentic feminine, I became softer and I was able to relax - create space. I learned how to receive. At first it felt weird, because I thought I wasn’t worthy of all the masculine gifts, but when I just relaxed, it became easier and easier. Learning how to receive was important part of my self healing.
I finally put myself out there (the way EFW teaches), in an effective way, I went to dates, and I understood how important for me it is to have a man funnel! I am an early attacher for sure, so dating multiple men gave me healthy perspective. I learned also how to make dating fun and light! And it soon felt like just connecting with souls, no chasing or pining.
After 2 months of {doing online dating the way EFW teaches] I found my boyfriend. 😊
Now after 11 months of dating (8 months exclusively), our connection is deepening every day. I have never felt anything like this. This is true love that I feel for him ❤️ We are connecting in so many levels. With him I feel both passion and security (THE thing I was always looking for). He treats me like a Queen. He can’t stop talking about growing old together and how he will make me his wife someday 🥰 I trust his leading (while listening “why men take it slow” once more 😉).
We are both eager to learn more about each other and how to make our relationship even better.
Without knowing how to connect with my heart first, I wouldn’t know how to connect to his. This is an important lesson I have learned.
If you are truly ready to do the inner work, put yourself out there and embody all the EFW teachings, everything is possible! ✨Miracles are there for everyone.✨
My journey will continue. Now together with my dear S
I am going to miss you all so much!


"❤️ Guess what ladies? I met the man of my dreams! Just wanted to share a little bit about us. We have been enjoying each other and building great moments together. He makes me feel so safe, loved, and cared for. He’s so amazing I could write a book about his awesomeness.
In the pics, the one in red is our first pic together and the one in the chair is our first travel trip together (sand was blowing in our faces during this pic).
I feel really grateful to have met this wonderful man. It feels like we are made for each other and fit together really well. He’s truly way beyond anything I could have ever asked for in a man. Integrity, character, loving, kindness, patience, loves family, protective, very masculine, sensitive, hilarious, communicates well, gentleman, financially secure, handsome, successful are some things that make him really attractive.

Being so in awe of him, some days I catch myself staring at him with saucer wide eyes, like did you fall from heaven?
Some of the most memorable things he’s said to me is that he waited until the 4th date to kiss me because he saw me as a woman of value. He says I’m so strong yet gentle and sweet at the same time. Some of you might remember, he’s the mystery man who sent me flowers on my birthday! Yeah same guy! Now he’s giving me those forever gold roses. I remember feeling good about him from the beginning.

>>>> I wouldn’t trade him for anyone else. It’s just been a really beautiful journey together and I’m basking in all this love and loving every moment. 🥰 <<<<<

Definitely all the EFW healing, learning, transformation, embodiment, coaching has come together…I’ve changed and grown a lot this past year! It’s so much easier and natural to be in flow with my heart! What I really gained the most from EFW besides romantic love is deep self-love in my core. That is priceless and affects every area of my life! I’m so incredibly grateful for Gio, our mentors and all the wonderful sisters in EFW. Sending so much love and good wishes to everyone here on the path to love. Cheers to all of us! 💖🥂"


"I’m engaged to my beautiful, high-value man! The love of my life! We are shopping for our new home this week! We also just got back from a week in Hawaii that was the most magical experience of my life. The trip was an incredibly victory for me because years ago a man I was with left me on a trip we were on and since then I was always afraid of going on long trips with any man I was dating. I had this deep fear he’d see the real me and leave!
I can’t believe my dreams have come true and I can’t imagine my life without this man! I try to picture my life before him and it feels like another lifetime. I came to this program single and am now getting married to my soulmate! My incredibly strong, masculine man is the kindest, most beautiful soul and is my dream come true!
For so long I believed that we are alone in life and that you could never really trust or rely on a man because if you relied too much he would leave! Talk about abandonment issues which bring me to my next thought.
Ladies I spent years bouncing from relationship program to program, spending thousands of dollars with different coaches with little to no results. They all told me the same things but never got to the CORE of what was really going on inside me! I felt like a failure because I wouldn’t succeed and felt stuck. When I didn’t make progress I got blamed and told I wasn’t trying hard enough. I always felt like there was a big piece that I wasn’t getting that I really needed.
As soon as I joined Gio’s programs I knew this was what I had been looking for. I immediately began to heal through the inner work which is taught in a way I had never seen before. I started to come home to myself, have compassion and real love for myself and really understand why my life had gone the way it had. The program both gave me practical help and a deep spiritual foundation for relationships and for relating to myself. I no longer saw men as difficult and stopped seeing love as hard or elusive. My life began to have a peace and a calm that I had never experienced before. I realized so clearly I’d spent most of my life in pure survival! I also learned how attraction REALLY works with men, how to deeply connect with them and the rest was easy and happened fast! There is nothing cookie-cutter about this approach! It is profound! This is the best relationship and healing program in the world and I am so grateful to you Gio that you decided to follow your path and help us! God bless you!"


I wanted to share with you some updates. I'm in my 25th week of pregnancy and doing great. We are having a boy. We got married in my favorite area of the Lake (really the world). We celebrated with our families at a dinner that night. He is really amazing and treats me so well. I am so very happy. Thank you for all of your help and support. A pic from our special day is attached. xoxo