Low Value is Anything That Does Not Provide VALUE in Relationships

So for example:

Playing games

Minimal investment: Don't bring much to the table by way of energy, time, conversation, investment, commitment, friendship, support, value, etc.

Talking only about yourself (I get told this a lot by women, men ask her questions, make it about her) vs listening and wanting to learn about a person

Emotionally unavailable—you can be charming, but be incredibly emotionally shut down and unavailable, usually charm lasts only so long before problems arise....

What this means is that you attract what you give—you will attract men and women who play games (bc of intimacy fears),

You will attract men/women who have minimal investment—the non-committal man or the highly needy woman (her minimal investment is in her self responsibility)

You will attract men and women that are only out for themselves but are a match to you being only about yourself—they will also have an agenda with you, want to use you, it will just take a little longer to come out.

HIGH Value attracts partners go Highest Value—and it takes solidity in all ways to attract solidity back—there is no fulfillment without solid substance, character and a real high quality person!

Men—be confident, be open, be direct, listen and get to know her, create a plan, lead.

Women—be confident, be open, be warm, listen and get to know him, lead with your heart.

You are always loved,

- Gio

Photo Credit: wildwildwestindians.tumblr.com

Photo Credit: wildwildwestindians.tumblr.com