Ladies, while number one above all is healing and learning to truly love yourself (which is why I always teach inner work as it is 85% of the game with men.)

Here are some very basic ground rules for dating like a High Value Woman-' we teach many more in the Institute

→ Do not get infatuated with a man you've just met, after 1, 2, 3, 4 dates. Curb infatuation, look for true alignment.

→ Do not give a guy exclusivity prior to 5 weeks to 3 months until he has proven himself by consistently and lovingly investing in you and actually asked for it.

→ Learn to be a process dater, not an instant gratification (lead by desperation) dater.

→ Do not sleep with a guy prior to 5 - 8 weeks or under 5 dates, to filter out men who are minimal investment or not into the real you. Only sleep with a man who treats you like a Queen, is consistently investing in your life and moving the relationship forward. Quality men will wait (although not forever it differs per man and his values and beliefs).

→ Lean back, lean back, lean back.

→ Mirror a man's investment, do not over give, don't do more than he is doing or ever chase or pursue (if this is a habit, you need inner healing work asap).

→ Do not close all options with other men prior to being exclusive and really knowing a man.

→ Learn to show up radiant, real (being your beautiful, real self), high value, vulnerable and feminine “Man Magnet” do the work here and men will be flocking to you.

→ You can have soulmate feeling chemistry with a man, and it be NOT enough “because he isn't able to give you what you want, so look for alignment, not just feelings and chemistry”' otherwise soul-'shattering heartbreak.