The Power of Your Feminine Energy

When a woman is disconnected from her feminine energy it shows up in her life, in her love relationship and in her relationships in general. In the absence of her Feminine SOUL a dull pain begins for a woman... a dull pain in her chest where an open, radiating, feminine heart alive, loved, accepted and shining  in its full power should be.

An anxious heavy ball in her gut where her intuition and wild womb should be. This disconnection from her feminine energy leads her to  harden, contract with heavy burdens and over rely on her masculine, forceful energy. Feminine energy is the energy of attraction and magnetism, a woman in her Feminine soul has intimacy with her own self.
And so her marriage begins to slip away and her husband becomes checked out, not present, as a mirror to her own detachment from her own soul. Her boyfriend becomes distant or if she is single, men feel distant, unavailable.
And so she tries harder, more to prove, more to achieve, more to empower, more rules to follow… to being a Goddess.. .but her energetic source emanating from her soul dims, she is mostly in her in her Masculine energy.
And she gets confused because… in her masculine she is energetic, and full of "life" and she does achieve, and she is admired… but something is off… and her instinct knows this… her inner knowing KNOWS and FEELS—there is an empty hole inside her chest.
SHE no longer knows how to ignite a man's heart, because her heart is far from her. She no longer knows the ART of Feminine radiance, Feminine indwelling presence… a gift from her soul for her man, for the world, but first and foremost a gift for her own self- this is how she replenishes herself.

They key to your heart and soul as a woman is to return home to your embracing feminine energy and begin attracting back to you everything you desire for your relationships, love life and more.

You are always loved,

- Gio