One of the biggest mistakes we make when seeking internal freedom is the attempt to silence voices inside of ourselves, judging them as unworthy, dangerous, ugly and useless.

Every voice inside of us needs to be heard, because when they are heard their origin is validated.

And every voice inside of us originates from a part of us, inside of us, that is responding to an inner need, an inner wound, an inner desire, an inner expression.

If we silence a voice, we silence a part of ourselves, leaving us fragmented... and then we can never be whole.

I think the real way to come to wholeness is to listen to every voice, to every part that is speaking inside of ourselves… and once acknowledging its origin, reclaim every part of ourselves.

We can only do this in the larger context of knowing who we ultimately are, by knowing our ultimate origin is Love.

If you know this, you know that no matter how loud the voice of the inner child, the inner hater, the inner bigot, the inner insecure woman or man… you know that you can trust your ultimate origin to hear this voice, see this part of you, and bring it to ultimate healing and wholeness.

Through hearing and seeing you peel back every layer until you hit your core, your ultimate being, which subsumes every other part of you into its greater self.

As a parent feels safe, deeply empathetic or lovingly annoyed, in hearing the painful screams of a little child in pain, your inner parent is more than able to be with every part of yourself.

You are, ultimately, more encompassing. You are Love.

Photo Credit: @kellymaker

Photo Credit: @kellymaker