"Can You Just Let Me De The Man?

My romantic partners would often say this to me. You see, as a career woman: author, international lecturer, fitness TV personality and entrepreneur my energy can sometimes come across as masculine. The awareness that I have developed through Gio's wisdom has allowed me to connect some powerful dots and understand that I was coming to men as the leader and the initiator. In other words I was relating to men through my masculine energy making it difficult for me to "sit back". It wasn't until I began studying Gio's work that I began realizing that I was becoming very disconnected from my feminine energy and my needs as a woman. Like many women today, I had bought into the mainstream idea that modern women don't need a man. What's fascinating and contradictory is that when it came to my relationships, a part of me showed up in my male "independent" energy, while the other part of me showed up as a "Damsel in distress". Talk about sending mixed messages. I guess there was a part of me that wanted to be protected, but because it conflicted with my idea of what a "modern woman" was, I shamed and dismissed it. The more I am in my Feminine Energy, as Gio teaches, the more my husband has responded by massively stepping up as my protector, wanting to be my provider, taking amazing care of me, listening to me, wanting to do anything he can to make our relationship great! The more feminine I am, the more he wants to protect me. Allowing myself to receive his masculine energy has relaxed me and made me feel safe. It has also confirmed that it is OK to want that masculine energy and that I don't have to feel guilty about it. Gio's work has also reminded me the importance of dropping from my head into my heart and to be playful, affectionate, receptive and sensual with my husband. Gio's teachings are life transformative and incredible for any woman who wants to heal her heart, learn to balance her feminine and masculine energy and improve and transform her love life, marriage and relationships with men!