Masculine men want freedom most of all

MASCULINE, Quality men want freedom most of all, and they will give their love, devotion and lifetime commitment to the HVW woman that gives them freedom
There are many ways a woman in her Feminine gives men the experience of freedom- one of the main ones is emotional freedom, which I teach in depth at our Embodied Feminine Woman institute-
today though let's talk about another freedom a Man is inspired to give a woman, and a woman that gives it to him is magnetic to him--->
The Freedom To Choose Her
Freedom to a man is the highest experience for himself as a man, soul and human being- and that means making his own grown up, MAN, empowered decisions.
He is making decisions for himself without outside influence, coercion, pressure. He chooses what is right for him. That is why you will SO often see men refer to marrying their wife they love as...
"The best decision of their lives."
Obama said it like this, "Marrying Michelle was the best decision of my life."
If you take a decision away from a man by being the emotional pursuer, taking on masculine energy and chasing him, trying to force him or coerce him into a relationship, always performing or trying to convince him you are the one, stalking, pining and obsessing......
It is a form of emasculation for a man, one he will resent, lose attraction for and pull away-and he will definitely feel it that way (emasculated.)
This is why Feminine energy = Freedom to a man.
Freedom to be himself, that includes being a MAN, and operating differently than we do. He wants to decide for himself when the relationship progresses, and then offer it up to a HVW woman and she accepts his offer or rejects. He wants to make a good decision. The less personally you take rubber banding, his own timeline for commitment- the more you trust, the more free he feels....
And of course you can at ANY TIME accept or reject and move on to someone else. But putting all of your energy and pressure on to him to move the relationship forward will always backfire with a a masculine man or be very short lived. When a man makes a choice to commit to a woman as entirely his, not pressured but through attraction and connection to her, that choice is very solid for him. He didn't do it for anyone else, he did it because he wanted to, freely.
Leaning back is about honoring your desire as a woman to be chosen by the right man, and then you deciding if you want to choose him back. But knowing he is fully there, 2 feet in, because he wants nothing else.
Remember that men subconsciously see red flags in a woman forcing a relationship forward as being the wife that then emasculates, controls and "whips" her husband in the long run.
Men aren't afraid of commitment, they are afraid of being trapped. Let him come to YOU, as the masculine man pursuing, courting and winning your heart, worthy of you based on his consistent actions your life...and then you choose what you want.
You are always loved,