A couple's energetic dynamic and how they walk together

You can usually tell a lot about a couple's energetic dynamics (polarity) by how they walk together-
I see a ton of women leading their men as if they have a leash on him and are telling him where to go, walking in very masculine, directed, forceful ways with their man trailing behind them, looking a bit lost in his body posture, numbed out, distracted.
And then you see other couples- where they walk like this below.
Of course, there are times and days, some days you just are walking to the drugstore, right?
So most couples will experience different styles, for different occasions, however, for a lot of couples I work with to reignite their relationship- they don't remember the last time they walked like this below.
More feminine cored women tend to LOVE and be very turned on when a man leads like this below.
Masculine below- Taking up space, grounded, strong, powerful, shoulders leaning forward, leading, protecting, very sure of where he is going and taking her, energy in his upper chest and arms.
Feminine below: Leaning back, smiling, radiating, feminine, relaxed, very content, letting her man lead and protect her, energy in her heart, womb, and hips.
You are always loved,