Women commonly test men - actually all of the time

These tests are designed to do a number of things that ultimately boil down to the one thing- "Am I Safe?"

A woman can have different types of tests: some are just testing the waters:

*Can I be playful with this man?
*Does he have a sense of humor?
*Can he accept all of my sexual sides?
*Can I tease him and have him play instead of get insecure?
(If I throw him off of his game or say something sharp at him- will he react (feminine energy) or be solid (set a boundary, let it bounce off)

-->Does he react? Or set boundaries?
-->Does he run? Or stand firm?
-->Does he have resolve and mettle? Or is easily taken down with any word, feeling or argument?
-->Does he lead us? Or do I walk all over him?

Women test men and use it as foreplay:

A woman and a man are arguing... she says, "It's over!" and storms out of the room. 
---->TEST: She wants the man to come after her, pursue her and say, "It's not over!"

What is she doing?

Does he really want me?
Does he really love me?
Does he have resolve?
Does he have mettle?

Total foreplay.

She wants to be pursued. Claimed. Led. Chosen.

She is testing him for:

His resolve: His ability to see her in this state and not be overwhelmed by emotion- not make an emotional decisions (masculine energy.) If he gets reactive she perceives that whether she knows it or not as feminine energy.

His mettle: Does he run when things get difficult, or does he stand, solid, firm,(phatic-like) in the face of a storm? (Again is he the masculine energy here.)

...and ofcourse... his love.

Women do this so often that we teach them a better way- a way that isn't dramatic or confrontational to know if a man is the right man for her.

A small test here or there every now and then (rare) is ok, and can actually add some spice and foreplay (we all know about make-up sex).....

Constant tests however wil easily break down relationships, not matter how much resolve or mettle a man has.

-----especially with the advent of women learning about relationship from dramatic tv series and movies.

As a man if this happens, feel free to call a woman out on it-

"Hey, I know what you are doing. You are testing me for XYZ. It would be a lot sexier if you just trusted me and told me what you need vulnerably. I can handle your vulnerability, I am not going anywhere."

Watch intimacy and passion flourish.