"What are some of the ways, actions/non actions, communication, vocabulary, ways of being that men are, feel, read, experience as a Wounded Little Girl opposed to a High Value Woman?"

A member of our EFW institute asked this question and one of our amazing, up and coming moderators nailed the answer-----> Way to go Nada!

"Hi beautiful! I think that the wounded girl within can also manifest as doormatism; the confidence destroying combination of poor boundaries and self neglect. This is where a woman prioritises a man’s needs and preferences above her own the majority of the time and then toggles between harsh expectations (which is really just her ego coming out to protect her) and low value boundaries.
Here are some concrete examples of how a a woman’s wounded girl can end up running the show:
🌟She has no regard for her own interests or schedule; she is flakey with all of her other commitments (family, friends, work or her own hobbies) in order to accomodate him. Then she gets reactive when he says no to her or chooses an activity or commitment that doesn’t include her. She has no one and nothing to go to when he’s not around.
🌟When she senses his attention is off her or that he’s pulling away, she responds by giving more or trying harder, offering him dinner or sex or probing him with questions like “Is everything ok? Have I done something to upset you?”
🌟No matter how much time he spends with her, she lingers around and always leaves it up fo him to decide when the closeness is too much.
🌟She allows her fears and insecurities to rule her, spending hours comparing herself to his ex girlfriends or monitoring his social media activity.
🌟She performs. She’s too afraid to speak her mind or she laughs to fill silences or when he hasn’t even said anything funny. 
🌟"She gives and gives and then tries to negotiate what she believes she’s owed in retrospect.

These are just some concrete examples off the top of my head!"