When your Feminine energy is radiating out and turned on

The first signs that will be mirrored to you that your Feminine energy is radiating out and turned on are your friends, family, coworkers and people on the street/restaurant will begin to:

Compliment you
Call you beautiful, pretty, radiant, gorgeous, or compliment your outfit.
Smile to you warmly and genuinely
Gravitate towards you

People will comment on your emotional world; saying things like, you look peaceful, calm, happy, glowing, grounded.

The women in your life, including girlfriends will begin asking you what you are doing and telling you you look very pretty, like something has changed,

And then finally men will begin shifting towards you- their bodies will begin to redirect towards you, their eyes will go wider, they will smile, often get nervous, tell you you look beautiful, gorgeous, or look beautiful in that outfit, stare at you from across the room, approach you, start conversations...try to do anything for you, jump over hoops to help you...

And this one is funny- you start being treated like a queen- men opening doors, waiting on the elevator, chef's sending you a free complimentary dessert.

The key here is that it starts happening all of the time, not just random here or there.
You are always loved,