How Masculine Men Protect Women's Feminine Energy

Part of the importance of the courtship process between couples and why women (who want to be the feminine predominant energy in the relationship - or be the woman) is that women need to be very clear as to why they should not step into masculine energy in the courtship process (text him, chase him, stalk him on social media, obsess about him, commit to him before he has stepped up to claim her)... is because this process tells you how strong a man's masculine energy is. A FEMININE WOMAN ABSOLUTELY NEEDS STRONG MASCULINE ENERGY TO BE FULLY SELF EXPRESSED....
Masculine energy is all about breaking free from constraints, overcoming, closing the deal, protecting, providing.... All absolutely necessary components for a woman to experience from a man so she feels safe and flourishes in her femininity.
When a feminine woman is allowed to be feminine, her level of desire (sexual and otherwise) increases dramatically for the man she is with. This is because she is allowing herself to be a cherished, protected, woman who can relax, feel safe, and trust her man.
So in the courtship process a man shows his masculinity through paying for meals (I am a strong provider, if you bear children and become vulnerable, I will protect you ). A man shows his masculinity by hunting more efficiently than other men (as the initiator, strategist in conquering her heart, the LEADER) that beats out other opponents (showing that you can protect and provide should a threat to your family's safety appear.) If he plans the dates and has plans for his life-- he is a man with direction and deep purpose, which makes him stable and capable of deeply loving you as the woman. A man wandering aimlessly to find his purpose is often not yet ready for long term commitment.
This happens in nature as well....let's talk physiology: you have the egg in the woman's womb ready to be claimed and impregnated by the sperm than beats out all the others. Almost every female client of mine that comes to me DEEPLY LONGS for STRONG masculine energy in a man. It is something so primal, so ingrained into her DNA. And yet, they first share it with me in hushed, shameful tones, because society nowadays wants to erase this from our desire, and yet there it remains.
If a woman is out on a date, whether they are aware of this or not, they are seriously gagging a man's masculinity.
Whenever women feel unsafe and unprotected by masculine energy around them, nature has it that they adapt and take on masculinity... But this can often mean then that men experience women who are hardened, masculine, nagging, controlling to death, cold, stiff, and in competition with them to see who is the "real man" versus in devotion and in an efficient relationship. It may not show up at first, but it eventually does over the course of the relationship.
Polarity disappears and with it-- very often attraction, connection, and desire.
The women that come to me are so often deeply disconnected from their feminine energy and have learned to "wear the pants", emasculate men with nagging and controlling, and no longer feel safe to be their deeply feminine, radiant, devoted selves as feminine women.... They harden instead of softening.
Feminine energy is ALL about vulnerability to create deep connection and attraction for you as a man. If a woman doesn't feel safe, her feminine energy takes a back seat to survival and protecting herself.
Women do want you to be their masculine hero.
So the question here always remains... What kind of relationship do you want?
If you are a woman and you innately want to experience a man as being "the man", or if you are a man and you want a soft, feminine, surrendered woman?
There are many, many ways of expressing relationships, (and this addresses one way only, as it is the niche I work in)... and none truer than any other. It is up to you to decide what you want to experience in yours.
You are always loved,