Does Sex Make Men Come Closer To You?

Let's clear a few misconceptions on this-
Sex is a gateway to love for men- absolutely...
But it works like this-

1. If he has feelings for a woman who is showing up High Value And Feminine- sex will deepen his "in love feelings for her all the way."

2. If he doesn't have feelings for a woman- Sex will be a physical act and release, with zero feelings-
Think one night stand
Booty Call 
Friend zone.

3. If he has feelings for a woman but she shows up low value and masculine pursuing- sex will reflect his lack of attraction and go back to being an act and a release.
Ex. She gets clingy, needy and attached 
She gets too invested early on and puts all her hopes on him.
She shows up with low worth.
They have sex and afterward she has a spiral of low worth and shame, men call it "After we had sex, she changed, her personality changed.

4. He won't develop feelings for a woman who is objectifying herself with an agenda-
meaning she is trying so hard to "get him" she has sex with him as a way to hook him in because her low worth tells her she isn't worthy of a man's true love and devotion.

But let's be clear- when a man has in love feelings for a woman, sex is a powerful top gateway for men to feel loved, seen and to deepen in love with her.
In the same way, you can kiss a man just for a kiss and not have feelings- or kiss a man you really like and develop strong feelings for him- sex is a mirror showing the state of the relationship- is it deepening or ending? Did it begin or never start?

So will sex make a man fall in love with you? Not if his feelings aren't there. If his feelings are there will sex deepen your connection powerfully? Yes.

For men culturally and socially deprived of gateways to intimacy (think we are allowed to talk about our feelings, cry, hug each other as women, have touch and affection regularly) sex is one of the only socially approved gateways for men to have bodily touch, affection and intimacy- and it is very important to most men when in relationship with a woman.
You are always loved,