3 Tips When It Comes To Dating

1. Get Really Clear On How You Want To Feel With A Man
-How do you want him to treat you? Support you? Talk to you? Be a long-term partner to you? What does that look like?
If you don't have clear standards (and are working on your self-worth) you will compromise and then resent him.
Getting clarity on how you want to feel centers you on YOURSELF- meaning on receiving from a man (Feminine) vs on losing yourself into the thinking of what you have to give him or be for HIM, so he love you. I have a great meditation and visualization coming out for this soon.
2. Invest Time Learning How Men Want To Feel Around a Woman, (Around You)
-The savvier you become at Understanding Men and how to deliver on their heart's, soul's and body's needs, well the higher value you become (because you add more value) AND because we all want to be understood!
Scratch that, we all NEED to be understood.
The better you are at understanding your man the more you will receive everything you desire from him.
3. Get Your Numbers Up:
The way to kill over attachment to a "less than good guy" is to address scarcity!
How many men are you meeting a month? Where are you meeting them? Are they quality? Are they the type of men that you'd want to date? marry?
-If the answer is 1-3......add 6 months to a year on you finding a relationship (or even longer). If the answer is 10-15 you are in a better range. Higher even better, and faster results....
We are after results aren't we? No shyness here ladies, go after what you want. Be smart about this, stay in your Feminine Radiance and worth and attract the love you are craving in your heart.
Love you!