Why Women Walk Away - Part 2

Why Women Walk Away Part 2- Signs...

(Bear in mind this is only a short, condensed post, you could write a book about this, and all the nuances, and differences, etc.)

--->Red Flags a woman is wanting to walk away--->

Stages 1-4

While a woman is still checked in to her marriage, she tends to be very aware of how close you both feel to each other and invests herself in your relationship. It is her priority, she cares a lot and shows it or expresses it.

She makes sure to let you know you both need quality time together, she asks you questions and expresses her desire to talk openly and about everything with each other, she wants to do things with you all the time, she looks for activities to do and shared interests and things in common. She tends to you, is typically more nurturing and care taking of your needs and wants. She cares about how you feel and your heart.

As she begins to feel the relationship become less and less of a priority to you, and you are investing less of yourself than is healthy (caveat here healthy, a woman who is very needy will never get enough) the second stage is she will feel the pull away and turn from expression to nagging, to controlling, she will want to talk things out a lot more "We need to talk", she will want to check in and ask questions to see how you are doing- questions go from carefree and curious to somewhat invasive and feeling more interrogation- like. She will begin picking at you- finding fault with you, maybe start fights.....she withholds sex to punish you.
(again none of her coping mechanisms work on you because they don't work on anyone- but these are the signs)

The third stage she begins to become anxious all the time, it is a daily thing now, she now goes from bothered about something to straight in to rage or flying off the handle, she seems excessively emotional, a roller coaster. She may become depressed, let herself go, bitter, and condescending (lack of respect here fueled by her pain.) She may now no longer want to have sex with you anymore, she isn't turned on.

And the final stage- Checked out. She starts to imagine leaving (and whining to herself, "I'll leave when my kids get to college." or "When I finish my Phd." She may still seem anxious and overbearing, but she is distant, she doesn't care, she lets things go she usually does for you around the house- though you may not perceive a ton different at this stage. Marriage typically has been sexless for a while (although some couples do have sex but no connection). She has been forming her breakup or divorce strategy for quite some time and thinking about how to go about it. The absence of her typical nagging and typical complaining and fighting lulls her husband into a false belief that things have been appeased and are better. Then she drops the "I want a divorce" on the man and he either hits rock bottom, realizes her value to his life and heart and begins to fight for her and invest in the way she wanted in the relationship or he agrees and moves on (or even worse, throws tantrums and plays the victim.)