The deep pain you feel

Hi Beautiful,

So many of you share with me the deep pain you feel- you know that pain you bury in staying busy and distracted with work, family or kids....the pain you bury under exhilarating feelings of being independent and being able to do whatever you want with your life....that pain that is slowly burning underneath long to do's, pursuing passions, traveling the world... Have you considered what it means to do nothing today?

The pain that comes with the question: "Will I ever have love with the man of my dreams?"

The problem is when that pain surfaces we do one of 2 things- we distract or we hit walls.

We distract from how much we want I listed above...or we take unstrategic, unguided shots in the dark (like throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what will stick) and as we experience:

Another guy we are into pulling away and disappearing.
Only attracting mediocre men that don't do it for us.
The guys we are into seemingly not being interested in us.
Another weekend lone with no date in sight.
Another wedding celebrating your bestie, but feeling profoundly sad on the inside.

Distraction or walls....but no solutions....

Why babe?

Because solutions require something of us don't they?

They require we face our pain, get our of our comfort zone and actually DO something about our life.

It requires us to grow, to invest time and show real commitment to figuring the root causes of why things aren't working out for us in the way we dream.

It's easier to blame men, it's easier to give up on love (or at least say we do when we don't)......Solutions require ownership, responsibility, willingness to change from deep within, willingness to learn how to truly love the other....

We want to attract men that DO something when the time requires it- men of commitment, men who are self-responsible, men who grow to the challenege- and that usually takes a woman who is living like that to attract it.

What happens when we truly do nothing? Nothing changes beauty.

What if you could know that at the end of your work day you go home to your loving man whom you felt totally secure and safe with, your best friend and companion to share the end of your day and it felt amazing to do so?

What if you know that the instant your tire deflates or car breaks down or you feel unsafe you have your Man on speed dial who would do anything to keep you protected and safe?

What if you have your best friend and Man to do life with, through all the ups and the downs and could go to him with anything?

BEcoming a High Value Woman is about learning what valye is- first how to value ourselves really (as self-esteem, self-respect and self-love are basically everything) and then learning how to bring a lot of value to a relationship- form the way we communicate to the way we show up day to to day...

If you haven't applied yet to our incredible Embodied Feminine Woman Institute where we teach you the exact roadmap to attract and keep love and devotion from your dream man, PM Gergana Martinova today!

You are always loved,