Share, Don't Impose

Hi beauties,

Share- don't impose! Men pull away from women who try to change them and are irresistibly drawn to women who accept them for who they are.

It is so easy to come on too strong- in this way and then have a man pull away ( 3 weeks in or months or years in).

As women we can be very passioante about the things we believe in-

It could be healthy eating and exercise, our lady boss lifestyles, our religious beliefs- or simply how we see and want to live in the world.

When you are dating a man it is very easy to begin encroaching on his space (leaning into his space) and forget to respect him as a grown man, and respect his own decision making.

You can share WITHOUT IMPOSING......

So let's pretend a woman is really into healthy eating- she loves to detox and do her thing. She and her man go to the supermarket together-

IMPOSING: "you should really start eating healthier, you should replace your meal with this ______________"

Sharing: "I love this because it helps me with this and tastes really good!"

Quality men value respect for their decisions almost more than anything and usually have- set routine, with set preferences he has dialed in for years- it's not our job to come in and change him.

Remember men want to please you as women when they are falling in love with you- and that may mean they jump on board with things-

like throwing out toxic home products 
or trying out a laptop lifestyle
or doing a new health cleanse with you 
or changing their diet 
or routine....
However as I taught in our incredibly popular Men Who Take It Slow-The path to Commitment With Men- men have a conscious and unconscious masculine driver- and if they wake up 3 months after dating a woman and see their life completely changed-

They will feel very emasculated (even if THEY asked for things!)....

I know- you might say, "but he asked!"

Remember the Gold in pacing. Share, don't change him, don't mold him, don't impose.
So, my tip for you is- be gentle and slow in your desire to influence a man- and do just that, influence by how you live your life, do not impose or tell him "That food isn't healthy!"

Do you, eat healthy, your radiance and health will speak volumes to him, inspire him and over time he may change (or he may not).

Your job is to accept a man as he is, or reject and move on to another.
A healthy couple influences each other daily, however men refer to a marriage as "ball in chain" when his freedom to be himself is smothered."

PACE merging and influencing....and you will inspire a man into his best and he will love you for it.

You are always loved,