Being too eager and oversharing too soon

Being too eager and oversharing too soon...

One of the signs in the early dating process that a woman is projecting her idealized parent on to a man she's met (idealizing him, putting him on pedestal, etc). is divulging too much vulnerable information at once.

If you get still enough with yourself you will see it is a deep need for validation and approval. Now this isn't about sharing openly and creating a deep connection, this is when you share so openly you say things like:

"I have a terrible relationship with my parents."
"I'm new to the city and I am so lonely."
"I'm succeeding in business but it's so hard."
"I want a relationship but I am so scared of intimacy."
"I want to trust men, but they can often be so not worthy of my time."

But the energy here is that you are divulging because you are fishing.....for something.... pity, compassion, empathy and really his love.

You know you are doing this when you feel yourself fishing, trying to get his sympathy or protection.

What you are fishing for is his love, validation and rescue....

This is where our wounded girl " rescue fantasy" gets triggered- we put someone on a pedestal, thinking they can meet our deep "void" and needs.

It's part of what triggers the intense neediness and overall disempowerment.

It's the constant search of the wounded child for the love, validation and approval of the missing parent.

Wanting him to rescue you from being in charge of your own life.
Wanting him to rescue from financial resposnsibility.
Wanting him to rescue you from social isolation or patterns of constant broken friendships and relationships.

It's subtle but it happens ALL of the time.

Too much, too soon, bringing out the skeletons in the closet- often means you are dating from your wounded child, not your powerful adult- and fully embodied woman.
This falls under the category of low value vulnerability, you want healthy vulnerability, vulnerability that comes from a healthy place. To learn how to have healthy vulnerability which ignites a man's heart and soul-- Join our powerful Embodied Feminine Woman Institute.

You are always loved,