Hi beauties,

How to create intense attraction with men by allowing natural consequences to take root.

Let's talk about the importance of consequences-

Especially in your relationships with men.

Now consequences are not punishment. Consequences are NOT punitive behavior. Consequences are not ATTACK, or games or manipulation or gaslighting or flying off the handle.

Consequences are the natural "consequence" of an action or lack of action.

Without natural consequences, a man will become more and more self-asborbed in the relationship, self centered and it will bring out narcissistic behavior in him much like parents who spoil a child, and spoil a child, prevent him from all responsibility and consequences create a n environment that leads to self absorbed and narcissistic behavior in the child.

So let's look at examples:

A man treats a woman like a booty call, uses her for sex.

-> Natural consequences would be: She loses interest and opens herself up to higher quality men. (High Value)

-> Punitive behavior: She lashes out and gives him ultimatums.

-> Low value behavior: She lashes out, gives him ultimatums, but goes right back to accepting crumbs and his stepping all over her boundaries with no respect towards her worth.

Result: He loses attraction for her, values her less and less, uses her, loses respect for her and waits to find a High Vale Woman he can really fall head over heels in love with and commit with all of his devotion. She thinks she is keeping him, when she is just being used and is already losing him. Short term gratification- long term pain.

Think of consequences as the natural actions that happen -action- reaction. Think of punitive behavior as more "words and talking" with no action or substance backing them.

Another example:
A man cheats on his girlfriend and lies repeatedly----

Consequences: She lets herself feel her emotions, processes them, has a conversation with him, listens to understand, sets her boundaries and walks away from the relationship (either for a period of time like 6 months, or indefinitely). In the mean time she focuses on herself while he either spends a lot of time earning trust with her back before ever getting back into relationship with a LOT of investment). When she sees him she is open, mature, listening, expressing her raw pain and real emotions, but does not get in the way of the responsibility he needs to carry and the work he needs to do. (clear action and meaningful, substance driven words).

-> Punitive behavior: She calls him horrible insults, bashes him, tries to undermine him at his job, weaponizes her pain. (words no action)

-> Low value behavior: Punitive behavior + doormat---
------boundary less, she goes right back to taking him back, allowing him to understand that in this relationship her desperation allows him to get away with anything because her fear of being alone, her commitment to her scarcity beliefs and her unworthiness don't allow her to walk away. (no boundaries, no self-respect).

Results: He begins to fall out of love with her, loses attraction, checks out emotionally, makes himself the center of the relationship- as she gives and gives to him (becomes the primary giver and bends over backwards for him). She does all the work in the relationship- he checks out other women, is attracted to other high value women to whom he gives his best to. He leaves relationship.

Another example: A man is dating a woman but he hasn't committed yet.

-> Consequences: She mirrors his commitment, but doesn't cling or wait on him, she owns her life and sets herself up to win= she opens up options and chooses the best for herself. She takes care of herself. When she is with him, they have the best time together, when she isn't, she is creating her best life.
-> Punitive behavior: Stalking his social media, getting resentful, suspicious, angry, clingy, desperate, losing self esteem and acting out of lack of self-respect (punitive towards herself).
->Low value behavior: Gives him an ultimatum which she doesn't mean (she isn't really ready to walk away), but then goes right back to accepting behavior she doesn't feel comfortable with and takes NO action on her behalf.


Humans NEED consequences, these are what teach us fundamentally about relationship.

No consequences mean we don't SEE the person we are in relationship with. We know an oven is an oven because it burns when touched with raw fingers- so we don't do it. We know how to value things we can lose if we don't care for.

Consequences teach us to no longer be self-absorbed and to see the impact we have on the world around us. We show up with low value- the world rejects that. We show up with value to offer, the world embraces that.

Consequences are the universal regulation system that keeps all eco systems in healthy relationship to each other. It applies to every living thing.

Consequences force us to grow up and BECOME what we are meant to be.

--> A man needs consequences to truly respect (and therefore fall in love passionately) with a woman.
Remember consequences ARE NOT PUNISHMENT. We aren't a man's mother. Consequences are the natural reaction to a positive or negative action-


Losing interest when we aren't given high value investment from a man, with no punitive behavior and gently moving on to take care of ourselves and staying open minded to understand what created the situation in the first place, and if we played any part (femininity = open mindedness to understand and learn.)

If a man is low investment, don't punish him, rather tune in to the natural consequence there connected to your highest self-esteem- own your life, and open yourself up to better. This will cause him to step up with more, there IS NOTHING THAT WILL WAKE HIM UP MORE POWERFULLY TO YOUR VALUW, WORTH AND MAGNETISM.

---AND IT WILL ALSO CAUSE better men to step in.

And finally, think of it this way:
-> Consequences: "What do I need to do right now for my wellbeing?"

-> Punishment: "How do I make him pay?" Or "Make him...anything....?"

->LV Behavior: "What do I do so I don't lose him no matter how he treats me?"

Punitive behavior always KILLS HIS LOVE AND RESPECT 
FOR YOU IN THE LONG RUN and LV BEHAVIOR ALWAYS KILLS ATTRACTION AND PASSION.... They may seem falsely to work in the short run- but the boomerang effect is they work to kill the relationship.

High Value behavior always increases irresistibility, LOVE, passion, attraction, magnetism and more.
And as you may have noticed, a woman that walks away, prioritizes her well begin, stays open to learn and essentially abides by consequences IS the woman with the highest self worth- therefore she is of High Value= attraction generator.

Want a man to see you as HIGH VALUE and cherish you every step of the way= be a woman who walks away- and prioritizes herself- and watch him feel magnetized and fall ever more deeply in love.

You are always loved,